Giving Back

By travelling with Lomo Tanzania Safari you can not only enjoy a great safari but also support the local community and change someone’s life. A percentage of the money you pay for your trip will go back to the community, to support student education through scholarships. Three students, who are all in secondary school, are benefiting from scholarship offered by Lomo Tanzania safari

Please also visit our website Lomo Foundation and read about our programs we have.


Jalia Gone

Jalia Gone was born in 2002. She is from Singida, the central part of Tanzania. After her primary education her parents sent the 12 years old Jalia with her twin to Arusha to work as a baby sitter. She was too young to take care of all the house chores. We decided to take her to our house as our own child. Jalia explained in tears that her parents told her not to write correct answers during her exams, so that she would fail her exams. Her parents could not afford to send her to school anymore. We decided to help her, together with 2 other children. We offer them a scholarship, so they have the change to create a better future.

This Safari with Lomo is unforgettable. Everything is fantastic and Erasto knows so much!

Randy & Victoria

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