6 awesome safari activities

If you really like to immerse yourself in the Tanzanian wilderness and culture on your own pace and get your legs stretched, there is no better way than to go on a safari activity. It definitely adds excitement and adventure to your safari and makes you feel more alive.

Balloon safari 
Enhance your safari experience by floating in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti plains at sunrise. Spot wildlife and enjoy the endless plains and infinite views when you fly over the African savannah, dotted with wildebeest, zebras, elephants, lions and giraffes. A magical experience with wonderful panoramic views.

Walking safari
To explore Tanzania on foot is a thrilling experience. It awakens your senses as the wilderness and wildlife become more real. Learn about animals tracks and behaviour as you discover the more remote areas in solitude. From a Ngorongoro Crater Rim Walk of half a day toa multiple days walking safari in the Serengeti or Tarangire. 

Treetop Walkway
Experience nature from another perspective on a unique Treetop Walkway in Lake Manyara. This 370m airwalk over a series of suspension bridges takes you through the beautiful canopy of the Lake Manyara forest. Enjoy life in the canopy amongst butterflies, monkeys and birds.

Horse riding safari 
Sitting on the back of a horse is a superb way of getting close to the animals and the bush. It gives you an ultimate feeling of freedom being out there in the wild. Watching animals from a horse is so peaceful and a totally different experience than sitting in a safari vehicle. While not allowed within the National Parks, a horseback safari can be arranged on a private reserve.

Mountain biking safari
Exploring Tanzania by bike is a great way to get to connect with the people, nature and wildlife. It gives you more time to soak it all and to get a real feel for the country you are traveling in. In Tanzania mountain biking is mostly done in the northern part, especially around Lake Manyara National Park and Arusha.

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